Travel Edt: How I stayed blemish free !!

The ultimate goal of my life is to travel and see as many places as possible. Travel not only rejuvenates me but also gives me a new perspective on life. My gigantic life and work problems become insignificant to me. But on the other side traveling doesn’t agree with my skin. The constant change of weather, dryness of air cabins, sweat and grime and minimal washing creates havoc on my skin. I breakout, my skin becomes patchy, uneven and you can count the number of days I stayed outside by actually counting my pimples😒.

The month of June brought a major shift in my life both personally and professionally. I traveled from east coast to west coast in a short duration of a week and a half , hiked mountains of Colorado, spent nights on the Las Vegas strips, did star gazing in Grand Canyon, ran across Golden Gate Bridge in SFO before relocating to my home country “India” for a while. The whole process was exhausting …no that’s an was nerve wrecking but at the same time superrrr fun !! Finally, I’m living close to my family.


Beautiful Colorado..On my way to Breckenridge !
Maroon Bells in Aspen
With my cutest and adorable niece !!
I still don’t know how I survived this?! (Here with my adventurous In -Laws)
The Great and mystical Grand Canyon- its breathtaking !!



View of San Fransisco city from Twin Peaks.



Stunning Sausalito, CA



Yes ..Can’t miss the famous Lombard Street 😉


But the biggest surprise for me was that during the entire trip my face was balanced, no new breakouts except the one huge hormonal under the chin monster pimple which I got yesterday 😏

I credit my blemish free skin while traveling to my skin routine, I added some new products which was very daring but I’m glad that I did what I did. The major focus was on hydration without congesting my skin. So, I went easy on oils and added more layers of hydration. The products I used in my routines were –


1.Cleansers :


  • Shangpree S- energy cleansing Gel


I’m highly grateful to Alicia Yoon and her team at Peach and Lily for not only introducing me to the K beauty regimen but also to their outstanding customer service. I have fallen in love with some of their beautiful products that have been sent to me and one of them is “Shangpree”  S- energy cleansing gel. All my cleansing balms have been pushed to the back of my shelf since the time I have laid my hands on it. It gives you the cushiness of a balm and oil cleanser despite being a gel. It comes out as a gel which when massaged on dry skin turns into an oil. On addition of water, it emulsifies easily and washes off completely clean with no residue. It removes all stubborn makeup and doesn’t clog pores. I used it both day and night as my first and second cleanse. It has no smell. I prefer it over Kate Somerville goat milk cleanser which has somewhat the same functioning mechanism with a vanilla smell which I strongly dislike (reviewed here). This cleanser is free of parabens, artificial fragrances, and colors. It’s tough for me to point out any con in it. Highly Recommended !!

Available at : www.Peach and

Price : $39 for 150 ml

  • Mother Dirt Face Cleanser


I used this cleanser when I needed the extra cleanse after the heavy outdoor activities. This pH balanced , plant based foaming cleanser is made without any SLS and contains apple extracts and hydrolyzed quinoa amongst other ingredients which gives you a feeling of deep cleanse and combat any dryness. My skin feels soft and hydrated post cleanse. This is the only cleanser from my shelf for which my husband reaches out more than I would like as I don’t want him to finish this. But on a serious note if you want to clean your partner’s routine who is still averse to oil cleansing like mine then it’s a good cleanser to start with. I absolutely loved it and I’m sure I would repurchase it once I’m over this bottle. This brand and the science behind it’s products has really impressed me. Can’t wait to introduce you to their other beautiful products.

Available at:

Price:$15 for 3.4 Fl.oz

2. Toners/ Mist :

  • Angel Face Botanicals Rose Crystal Toner

This comes as no surprise as I have been using it regularly for a while. I simply love it.  It contains aloe, tea extracts, rose distillate, rose oil, rose geranium, pomegranate extracts and rose quartz charged water amongst other beautiful ingredients. It hydrates, calms and keeps my skin balanced. I definitely see a difference in the skin while using it. I use it in myriad ways – before application of facial oil, after the application of facial balms, to mix the dry face masks and also as a hair spray. It works wonderfully and this will always be on my repurchase list.

Available at:

Price: $10- $32


  • Leahlani Citrine Regenerating Toner

The first thing that impressed me about this toner was the mist nozzle. It’s the best that I have tried so far. It gives you the finest spray possible which makes it ideal to use not only as a toner but also as a makeup setting spray. It has a very refreshing citrus smell and therefore you can use it multiple times during the day and it won’t disturb your makeup at all. Each bottle has a citrine crystal which you can see and hear when you shake the bottle. The toner contains aloe , sea salt and and essential oils of neroli, orange, lemon fruit extracts, turmeric and sugar maple which will provide you slight exfoliation and is recommended for oily and acenic skin but I feel that every skin type can benefit from it. I find it very refreshing for summer. It keeps my skin hydrated and keeps oiliness under check. I’ll definitely keep the bottle once over and reuse it for its spray nozzle.

Available at : www. ;

Price: $32 for 100ml

3.Essence :

  • Primera Miracle Seed Essence


I’m new to the world of essence. I have never used one before but adding a layer of hydration made a world of difference in my skin. I believe a hydrated skin creates a radiant and glowing complexion. I have been using hydrating serums for long but an essence just takes it to a notch higher. I use it after cleansing and toning. It comes with the cotton pad and marking on the bottle to tell you exactly how much to use. I use my hands on most occasion though, so as to not waste anything. I apply with patting motion and when I feel fancy, I use the cotton pads and swipe it across my face. It contains 93.1% lotus extract and niacinamide as a second ingredient. The consistency is slightly more viscous than water or toner. The addition of this essence in my routine has made my skin look more toned and plumped. I’m officially hooked to essences now and I won’t be without them ever.

Price: $57 for  150 ml

Availiable at:

4. Serums:

  • Angel Face Botanicals Illuminesce Glow & Repair Serum
  • Infiore Complexe De Fleur

These two serums deserves a post of their own so I’ll keep it short here.

  • Angel Face Botanicals Illuminesce Glow & Repair Serum

This serum was sent to me before it was released for trial by Jessica with my order and I’m so impressed by it. For me Angel Face Botanicals is highly underrated brand. They make some high quality products which are not only effective but also affordable. This luxurious serum is packed with a powerhouse of 17 skin food super-nutrients including collagen-building MSM, skin-smoothing DMAE, replenishing Blue Green Algae, anti-microbial White Willow Bark plus the essential oils of Calendula, Chamomile, Orange Blossom, Lavender, and Rose for beautifully radiant skin. My skin loves MSM , the one found in Oskia products too but this serum at one third its price is equally effective for my skin. I find it very light, refreshing and I believe it keeps my skin hydrated and blemish free wihout clogging or feeling heavy. It pairs well with all my facial oils, helps them to absorb better and works well under makeup when worn on its own. A must buy for summers and always on my repurchase list. Thank you Jessica for making such beautiful products.

Available at:

Price: $26 for 1.1 Fl.oz


Top swatch: Infiore , Bottomm Swatch: Angel face botanicals


  • Infiore Complexe de Fleur Cellular Renewal Complex

This beautiful….beautiful water based Infiore serum is nicknamed as “Liquid Gold” and  true to its name this is wonderful for even the most sensitive skin types. One it smells.. oh so divine.. like all Infiore products do, second it absorbs like dream and third, it works wonders. It moisturizes dry patches, heals scars and brightens skin. This serum is new in my routine and I’m in love. I’ll definitely keep using it and will keep you updated as I go through it as it definitely doesn’t come cheap.

Available at:

Price: From $45 to $ 160

5. Moisturizer: With the advent of summer I tend to incline more towards the cream/ water based formulas for the day time use and use light oils in the nights.

With the addition of essence, topped with serums, I skipped moisturizer altogether during the day and went directly for the sunscreen. Since I mainly stayed outside in the sun and with heavy outdoor activities I intended to keep my skin hydrated and light at the same time and I think this really payed off. No matter how much I like oils, adding too much of it tends to clog my skin. I have said it earlier and will say it again that you don’t necessarily need to use all the products on your shelves. Get up in the morning, feel your skin and use products accordingly. Treating your skin on a daily basis is more important than using the same products daily. No matter how an oil is advertised I know that my combination oily skin won’t be able to handle the mix of sun, sweat and oil. All it needs is hydration in the summer. But in the night I used a light layer of oil to soothe and calm my skin. The two oils I used were –


Top swatch : Rosalena oil Frank and Sense oil ; Bottom swatch : Leahlani aloha ambrosia


  • Leahlani Aloha Morning Elixir

This squalene based oil rich in Vitamin A and C, is an extremely light weight oil and contains some potent anti inflammatory and antioxidants like acerola cherry, mangosteen, goji berry, passionfruit, kiwi seed oil and guava oil (rich in vitaamin C). I use half a pump over my serum and it absorbs beautifully without any residue. It smells lighly of Jasmine , nothing overpowering. It can be used both day and night but as I have mentioned I’m avoiding the use of any oil during the day in summers. It always leaves my skin hydrated, soft and glowing. For dry skin, you might need to use a moisturizer on the top but for oily skin this is enough. Adding a little bit of this oil into your foundation will leave your skin radiant without any oiliness. It hydrates and brightens the skin and layers well with all my serums. I also use it on my hair ends to prevent dryness and to smooth out any frizz. It’s truly a multipurpose oil.

Price: $52 for 30 ml

Available at: , Internationally available

  • Rosalena Frank & Sense oil

I adore Rosalena Frank and Sense oil. It’s supposed to rehydrate and replenish and this does its job wonderfully. I use this oil when my skin feels dry after being in sun for long or in flights and it hydrates my skin so beautifully and gives me a glow without being oily. I attribute this to its well researched ingredients list which contains Buriti oil ( rich in natural beta carotene- vitamin A) and beautiful blend of frankincense, sandalwood, seabuckthorn( my skin loves it), calendula, neroli, chamomile, rosehip, evening primrose and roseotto oil. It smells divine..well that all Rosalena oils do. It’s suited for all skin types and for all seasons and seasonal transitions. It absorbs immediately, doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t clog my pores. It rather keeps my skin balanced and bright and radiant. Whenever I have used this oil I have received compliments from others. If your skin is dry, dehydrated , oily or in short “confused” then you need to try this oil.

Available at:

Price: 42 pounds for 15 ml.

6. Sunscreen: If you have been with me on Instagram then you will know how much loyal I’m to my sunscreens. I don’t like playing much with them as most of them breaks me out. The only two sunscreens I took with me were Elta MD daily clear sunscreen with 5 % niacinamide which is excellent for every skin type but unfortunately I dropped it somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. If any of you find it while hiking it’s mine ;)) The other sunscreen which I took is actually a Lune and Aster CC cream with spf50 PA+++. So, practically this is the only sunscreen I used in my entire trip.



It’s breathable, lightweight, provides light to medium coverage. I don’t even remember using it on my face, it’s so light. Just slap and forget. I don’t wear foundation and I love this CC cream as this gives me a polished look without any cakiness?! The addition of seabuckthorn, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid definitely protects my skin. It stays put on my skin without breaking down for long hours. The shade selection is wide from fair to medium dark so everyone will find its fit.  Despite being in the sun for long hours it saved my skin from any potential sunburn and sunspots. Yay !! Highly recommended. Thanks again to Jaime Maser for introducing me to this brand. Definitely in my repurchase list.

Availiable at:

Price: $48 for 1.7Fl.oz.

7. Lips:

  • Pommade Divine


This natural antiseptic balm which can be used for multiple problems- dry lips, cracked skin, rashes, accidents , cuts, scrapes that can happen during travel and otherwise. The inclusion of benzoin, liquidambar, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg brings down inflammation while lanolin and shea butter soothes the area. It comes handy for all your skin problems and is must in your medicine cabinet. One of my patients used it on her stretch marks and found it beneficial, so here you go. Do give it a try. The company was kind enough to sent me this travel version months ago which I kept in my travel bag and forgot and found it accidentally during this trip and I’m so glad that I did. I’m definitely going to purchase this wonderbalm.

Price : $35 for 50 ml jar which will last long. The shelf life is 36 months so you don’t have to worry about the expiry.

Available at: with free world wide shipping.

8. Eyes: The only eye serum I used was m-61 skincare hydraboost eye cream which I have been using for a while and already reviewed here. Can’t say enough good things about it.

9. Masks: This is my favorite part of this travel edt skinritual 😉 In addition to the above skincare routine, the masks I used really helped me to calm down any irritation and congestion and potentially any pimple which began to surface. I used mainly sheet masks which come in so handy during long flights and otherwise and also two other prepared/readymade masks.

  • Earthwisebeauty Frightening Green Mask

This face mask is a gem..a masterpiece. I actually feel bad that I talk about it so less. I use it very sparingly as I’m scared to run out of it. This detoxifying yet gentle mask is good for all skin types and always, I mean always helps me to get rid of any congestion or blemishes. This clay based mask is exfoliating without any stinging, refining and deep cleansing without any dryness. I use it after a toner and when I wash it off my skin actually feels poreless, blemishes reduced with no redness or irritation.The effect even lasts a day or two. It contains French green clay, witch hazel, raw honey, Rosemary,Thyme, kelp, passionfruit, lemon, pineapple, grape extracts and Juniper berry oil all of which are great for acneic skin or any congestion. I use it as an overnight spot treatment on my stubborn pimples and I wake up with dry shriveled and barely there pimple. This is my second jar and I will definitely keep repurchasing it. I start getting nervous when I reach half of this jar and always buy a backup. It’s sad that I missed the sale this time due to traveling but this is high on my list as soon as I feel little settled. It’s a must buy and highly recommended product.

Available at:

Price: 1.2 fl oz at $38 and 2.4 fl.oz at $60


Top swatch: Frightening Green Mask; Bottom Mask : Osea White Algae Mask


  • Osea White Algae Mask

This vegan-friendly, cruelty-free brand has stolen my heart. I was sent few products to try and amongst them, this mask is one of my favorites. This mask is not only a traditional cream mask, you can actually use it as a sleeping mask. This mask contains calcium rich algae extracts, Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment, Saccharomyces/Manganese Ferment, Saccharomycest/Zinc Ferment along with wine extract, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3,licorice extracts, raspberry fruit extracts, oolong tea extracts, rice bran oil, pear extracts, green tea , white tea, calendula and chamomile extracts. There is nothing which I don’t like here.

It comes out as a gray in color but in a light cream texture. Initially, I used it for the recommended 10 min and didn’t see much difference. But when I used it as a sleeping mask..Oh boy…I saw a huge difference. My face was hydrated, redness from being out in the sun for long was gone and my skin felt so soft and even toned. Now, it’s recommended to use it biweekly, but I feel it’s gentle enough for all skin types and for daily use. I use it when I feel tired and don’t feel like having a long routine. Love , love , love this mask and definitely recommend it.

Price: $48 for 1.7 Fl.oz

Available at:

What’s your dream destination and what’s in your travel bag? Do let me know …

Thank you so much for reading my blog as always-


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura (ljwala) says:

    So many great looking products. I really want to try the Leahlani Morning Elixir, Angel Face Botanicals Glow and Repair Serum and Earthwise Beauty Frightening Green Mask. Enjoyed seeing your adventures and glad you are now living close to family 🙂 My dream destination would be either Nepal to see Mt.Everest or Australia to go cage diving with Great Whites 🙂 In my travel bag all the skincare I can squeeze clothes of course and some of my favorite tea.


    1. Thanks so much Laura …I really enjoyed all these products and had fun 💓💓 I too want to go to Nepal ..let’s plan it together 😘 I missed my tea bags as I had to leave half of the stuff back husband gave me an ultimatum it’s either skincare or tea bags so you know my obvious choice 😂😂❤❤
      Molly xoxo


  2. Parita Shah says:

    Molly!!! Welcome back dear and wow you look beautiful dear! Such flawless skin! The places look so pretty! especially colorado..i practically want to move there!
    I have been eyeing Angel Face botanicals charcoal cleanser and serum from a long time….along with earthwisebeauty products…EWB has such unique botanical combinations! Leahlani toner ingredients are nice..i love seasalt really well on blemishes 🙂


    1. Aww…Thanks Parita. I’m blushing here. This coming from a gorgeous lady herself is just too much😍❤❤ I’m such a big fan of your blog and now YT channel.

      Colorado is just exceptional. There is scenic beauty everywhere. You will feel the need to go for a run every now and then just so you can enjoy the mother nature. It’s breathtaking.
      I would say don’t miss out on the Angel face botanicals products. They are wonderful and I can say the same for Earthwisebeauty. I adore their carrot serum and the frightening green mask. Do let me know how you get along with them if you happen to buy them.

      Molly xoxo


  3. Esnath says:

    Hi Molly
    I did miss you on blogshere, it seems your travels were amazing 👌, love the pictures! I also love what you did with this post how you took us through your journey and came back to core your love skincare. And the products amazing, I am loving k beauty too at the moment I am even afraid to try anything else as I have had such good results.
    Hope Indian is treating you well and you are enjoying all the riches that come with it.
    Welcome back to the Internet world hope to see more inspired posts from your travels 💖
    Ps it was beautiful to see you in the pictures💚 Beautiful lady ❣


    1. Hi Esnath,
      Thank you so much for such sweet words. I missed your beautiful blog too and I’m so glad to be back and to be at home. Totally getting spoilt at home.
      I’m so new to K beauty but I’m having such good results with it. I’m sorta kicking myself for not trying them sooner. They are just fabulous products. Do share with us what you are loving at present. I’m looking forward to your vacation pics now.

      Molly xx


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