Sima Mostafavi: Founder of Pistachè Skincare

In my  “Meet the Makers” series, I will be talking to the founders of the skincare line who are not only passionate about their craft or products but who also inspires me to look beyond beauty.

View More: Hi Sima, thank you for taking out time to have a little chat with me. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what inspired you to launch your skincare line?

I am a fourth generation pistachio grower. My family loves everything pistachio related, and I have been using pistachio oil for under my eyes and hair for quite a while. As a teenager, I loved using The Body Shop body butters; and I especially enjoyed the nutty creams such as almond butter and Brazil nut. I was convinced that I would start seeing pistachio butter creams, but pistachios were always notably missing.Two years ago I was consulting for an Italian skincare company, so I attending a lot of beauty conferences. During these conferences, I kept hearing that “nuts are very big right now.” But pistachios were still missing from product lines. This was especially surprising since pistachios have higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals as compared to most other nuts. So started asking exhibitors why they didn’t have pistachio oil, but none were able to give me a great answer. Some told me that they don’t have access to pistachio oil, or that it is more expensive that other nuts. It began to dawn on me that an opportunity existed. I decided to launch a skincare line that harnesses the rich vitamins and minerals in pistachios. And voila, Pistache was born.

Q-2) Pistachio oil is so rare to see in skincare in the green community, Can you tell us more about its benefits?

I agree, pistachio oil is underutilized in the green community. But I’m happy to say that this trend is changing. I was recently at a Pistachio conference in Palm Springs and I kept hearing that the demand for pistachio oil is increasing.Pistachio oil is very high in vitamin E, fatty acids, and lutein. The benefits of the first two are well-established. Moreover, recent studies, for instance, a study by Department of Plastic,Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Saint Eugenio Hospital, has found that topical use of lutein provides significant antioxidant protection for the skin.

Q-3) What was the most challenging part of formulating your product? With so many exciting products in the market who promises a new face, how did you manage to keep your product so simple yet effective?

First, thank you for your wonderful review. I like to think of my hydrating moisturizer as the little black dress: every woman needs at least one and it always makes you good. I collect quotes, and one of my favorite quotes is by Coco Chanel. It reads, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” This quote has informed my choice to have a simple and elegant product that is part of any good skin care routine. This concept of going back to basics is especially true in today’s oversaturated market when so many products promise a new face .(This is hilarious)

Q-4) What is a typical day in your life looks like?

I work from home so I like to plan my weeks in advance to include a balanced lifestyle. I typically get up at 6:30 am and have a quick breakfast of oatmeal and coffee. Then I usually go for a workout; I am a ClassPass member and I take full advantage of my membership. I really enjoy going to boutique local yoga and Pilates studios.

I typically start work around 9:30 am. In terms of my business, I really don’t have a typical day at this early point. I am currently working on four new products so I am in constant contact with the lab regarding product development.

I usually make lunch at home and try to include some organic herbs from my garden. Lastly, if I have some free time in the evenings, I may head to Sephora or Whole Foods to sample their new skincare products.

Q-5) What are the other skincare products you use in your daily routine?

I use Tretinoin .05% once a week. And on the other six nights I use my own hydrating moisturizer; which helps keep my skin hydrated. I really like the Australian brand Jurlique and typically use their rosewater mist first thing in the morning. Also, I really enjoy the REN clay cleanser, and I plan to introduce my own clay cleanser in the coming month

Q-6) How do you see the future of your company? Can we expect any new launches this year?

I’m working on four new products right now: an eye concentrate, serum, exfoliating cleanser and a body oil. I expect to have these products ready for sale by October.

Q-7) Do you have any offers for our readers?

I ‘d love to give to a full size jar of Pistache hydrating cream to one of the readers.

( Please read the instructions on my Instagram page @skinritualdiary for full details on this giveaway.)

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  1. Wow Molly, it’s great news that you’re doing this series, I love hearing these people experiences, how they got into the skincare industry and what’s the idea behind their brand. Must take a lot of courage to start your own business and company! I’ll have a look at their website btw my country is full of pistachios!!



    1. HI Silvia,

      Thanks so much for taking some time out to read about them. I feel it’s important to know the person behind the brand, how they think , to know their struggles. You feel better connected with them and enjoy the product more. Btw send some pistachios over to me:)

      Molly xx


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